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Peter K. Isom 


John Isom 


Cache Trucking, established in 2004 in Cache Valley Utah by Pete and John Isom, began with a primary focus on transportation services.  Service areas covered northern and southern Utah, western Wyoming, and northern Nevada. Primary operations included rock supply and road construction.

In 2009 Cache Trucking added oil-field operation services and oversight for liquid gathering projects in western Wyoming. Oil-production services grew steadily to include oil-production equipment, transport, hydrovac operations, and crane work. 


In 2012 Cache Trucking moved its headquarters to Williston, North Dakota.  Andrew and Jacob Isom joined as partners, and well-services became the primary focus.  Operations in Williston started with 10 employees.  From 2012 to present, Cache Trucking has operated and supported essentially every aspect of oil-well completion and production services. During that  time, company operations developed two major divisions: Workover Rig Well Service (well completion as well as production) and Swab Rig Well Service.  Company services also include roustabout, rental equipment, and consultation services. 

Ownership’s strategy since inception has been to provide predictable high-quality services, grow with minimal debt using strategic asset acquisitions, adapt with change, learn all aspects of the industry being served, and never say “I Can’t”. 

In 2015 oil prices dropped from $100/barrel to as low as $26/barrel.  Cache Trucking’s focus on efficiency, diversity, and minimal debt allowed the company to weather the downturn and emerge equipped for growth.  

From 2015 to the present, prudence, efficiency, and experienced employees have spurred continued growth for Cache Trucking LLC.  Currently Cache Trucking operates five workover rigs, four swab rigs, a 5-truck fleet focused on rig moves. In addition, Cache Trucking boasts rental services, a robust safety program, and employs 70 personnel.  Our divisions focus on providing the best well-service in the Williston Basin.

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